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Let's face it. If you are reading this, that means that something has happened to your beloved iPad. The most common repair so far is the iPad lcd repair. Although this is a common repair, there are other parts that tend to fail when you use your iPad. As parts come available, we will add more to the site. Right now we can get several parts. Here are a few below.

The iPad lcd tends to break if you drop your iPad or sit on it! I have heard, but never seen extreme temperatures break the lcd. This would have to be very extreme temps to do this. Other than that, the lcd breaking would be an out of warranty event that Apple. The other part of the screen that tends to break is the touch panel also known as the digitizer. This contains the touching aspect of the device as well as a thin layer of glass. As you know, glass will break very easily if you are rough with it. This also would be out of warranty.

Something that you will not be able to keep from happenning is the battery going dead. All batteries have a charging cycle and once those cycles are met, the battery will start deterating. iPad batteries or batteries in general, do not like to be dead for long periods at a time. Always try to have some charge on your iPad when not using. This will help the battery last longer and keep you from repairing. You should not have to replace the battery, or at least while its under warranty! We always like to push the envelope, so we are developing an extreme internal battery that will give you more time enjoying your iPad instead of charging.

As well as those parts, we offer headphone jack replacements, power or usb port fixes, menu button repair, and more. And if you are unlucky and dropped your iPad in water, we have a fix for that as well. We have had great sucess in repairing liquid damaged electronics. So if you have the dreaded liquid problem, send it to us asap. The faster we clean it off, the better. Some try the rice drying out trick, but this does not remove any corrosion that has started and will continue to spread without the proper cleaning.

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