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5th Generation iPod

5th gen iPod hdd Repair

30GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

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iPod Nano

1st Gen Nano and 2nd Gen Nano spare parts and repairs

Both 1st and 2nd Gen Nano units did not come with hard drives. Instead they use On-board Ram chips which make them a favorite amongst the sport fans due to the durability. Of course, they do not do well in the washing machine!! If you are having issues, your best bet is to take advantage of our FREE Diagnostics.

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4th Generation iPod

iPod Hard drive upgrade

  20GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

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3rd Generation iPod

3rd Gen iPod hdd Replacement

10GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

15GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

20GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

40GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

1st or 2nd Generation

iPod hard Drive Repair

5GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

10GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

 20GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

iPod Mini

iPod harddisk Repair

4GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

4GB iPod Hard Drive Repair

6GB iPod Hard Drive Repair


Why is my iPod Hard Drive Broken?

Ok, if you are reading this, that means you are having one of the most notorious issues go wrong with your iPod- the hard drive is starting to give out. Of course there are many things that can cause your hard drive to fail. One of the most common is dropping your iPod.

What Causes iPod Hard-Drives to Fail?

Hard drives have been around for about 30 years - and the basic technology is still the same. Hard-drives aren't made for mobile applications like iPod's - they were designed to sit in desktop computers - but (miracles of miracles) they do seem to have an uncanny ability to survive some pretty rough treatment... But there are some "do's and dont's" that might help your iPod Hardrive survive the rigours of modern life - here's our suggestions:-

How to make your iPod HardDrive Survive.

If you're getting errors on your iPod, we've got a few steps you can try to save your hard drive -
The so-called 5 R's —

Reset – Most all iPods will reset holding the Menu button and Select button for at least 6 seconds. If you have a 3rd gen iPod, you will need to press and hold the Play/Pause Button and Menu Button for at least 6 seconds.

Reset – Try using a different cable and if possible, another port on your computer.

Restart – Try restarting the computer that you are currently using with your iPod.

Reinstall – If you are having iTune issues, try updating the software. Also, try updating your iPod using the iPod updater in your iTunes software.

Restore – This is the last step to try to get your unit working without having to replace the drive or send it to PDASmart.com to have a FREE diagnostic test ran on the unit. Remember, this will ERASE all information on the iPod. You will not be able to recover any of the music or information on the iPod after you restore your unit. This is always the last resort, but sometimes it will fix the issues. If it does not, you could be having more issues than what you bargained for and should let our trained technicians take a look at it.

How to fix my iPod Hard-Drive?

If none of these steps work, then most likely you will need to replace your iPod hard drive. PDASmart offers a huge range of replacement hard-drives for your iPod, at a fraction of the price you would pay for a replacement iPod. All of our drives come ready to install once you receive them in our boxes. IF you are not prepared to do the operation to your iPod, send it to the experts. We charge a minimal install fee and you will not have to worry about the repair. Also, you can take advantage of our FREE DIAGNOSTICS on all units.