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If you are looking for the best full service Palm repair center to rescue any series of Palm, select the appropriate model above to get the process started.  The Palm Repair Center is operated by our team of experienced technicians.  If you need to send your Palm in for service, it couldn't possibly be in better hands.  Our Palm Repair and Service department does not charge any diagnostic fee - you are quoted before any Palm repairs are performed.

If you are looking for Palm parts for a do-it-yourself Palm repair, select the appropriate link above for your Palm Model Number.  Whether you need an upgraded Palm battery, new Palm hard drive, Palm LCD or simply a new cable for your Palm, you are in the right place.  Our technicians and friendly customer support staff will help you with a successful Palm rescue. is your Premier Palm PDA Repair center. We allow out customers to chose if they want to buy Palm spare parts such as a Palm LCD, Palm touch panel, Palm battery or logic boards and rve any questions, please email us at .

PDA Smart is a Ipod Repair company. Our main offerings include: iPhone Repair and BlackBerry Repair for your electronic repair needs.

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